Bringing lyrics to your device

Are you a performer/song writer/musician or a music lover? If yes then this application is for you.
Easily search songs and save it directly to your device. If you're a song writer, write your songs with ease using LyricsPad song editor. 

What's New
Version v4.79 Updates


- Easy download functionality - Download lyrics and save it directly to your mobile device.

- Manage & Create Setlist - Manage all your songs and categorized them by set list

- Organize - Easily view all song contents while performing by swiping the screen to the left.

- Added back light feature, easily change backlight from black to white. This is a perfect option when performing on dark stage or broad day light.

- Set list sort lyrics options, added drag and drop for easy sorting of songs.

- Share lyrics, LyricsPad creates a LPF file that can easily be shared to your friends using LyricsPad.

- Backup and restore options

LyricsPad is a lyrics search tool, song editor and performers personal idiot board. Available for Android OS only.
Build using Eclipse, Java, SQLite, JSON, XML and C# for Lyrics search API.